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Kai's table is a new restaurant concept focused on getting back to basics. Enjoying quality food with the people that matter. Food that not only awakens the senses but elevates the mood and inspires connection. We've thought through every detail, hand-picked every ingredient, and scoured the globe for the best flavors we could find. So whether you come sit at our table, or invite us to yours, what you'll get is a memorable, provoking, flavor-filled experience you won't soon forget.

Chef Norman Kai Lee

Norman Kai Lee

Executive Chef

A chef by trade and accomplished restaurateur, Norman's expertise spans across all aspects of restaurant management, with a keen knowledge for what happens in a kitchen. His culinary know-how includes both macro and micro levels of understanding for all the elements at play in a busy restaurant. Norman's breath of experience ranges from building restaurants and bars from the ground up, to reorganizing and optimizing pre-existing venues. 

Norman has always had a passion for building businesses that add value to surrounding neighborhoods. Recent current events have pushed him to bring that passion to life in a more tangible way and focus exclusively on creating broader hospitality concepts designed specifically to uplift and support his community. Although Norman's work has a global reach, he now remains focused on New York and Los Angeles to launch his new concepts.

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Chef's that inspire us

At Kai's Table we're inspired by some of the best chefs and restaurants around the world. We love to explore new places, cuisines, aesthetics and bring them back with our own unique touches. See below for some of the chefs that we have cooked and collaborated with from around the globe.

Chef Pepe | Mexico
Chef Pepe | Mexico

I'm Pepe Sarmiento, I'm 28 years old and I was born in a little town in the south of Mexico, called Chetumal, the capital of Quintana Roo, Since I was little I liked to cook, even if they were scrambled eggs and easy to prepare, for me they were the most delicious. In high school is when I decided that in life I had to dedicate myself to cooking, to cooking for me and for other people. Whenever my parents went on a trip, I had to cook for my brothers, and for me, I am the youngest of three. After years of cooking at home and learning from my mother and grandmother, it was when I realized once again that kitchens and stoves had to belong to me for life and that is how I decided to study gastronomy at university, I began to learn more, world cuisine, flavors, smells, textures, and developing more skills.

Chef Mohamed | Morocco

I was born in Marrakech, I am 26 years old. I started working in a restaurant in Marrakech style "Bistrot Francais" where I stayed for 5 years, in which I climbed the different levels ... Starting as a clerk and finishing second in the kitchen. I went to Tetouan for a season in order to gain a little more experience....when I went back in Marrakech I had the opportunity to be offered a position to open "LA PALETTE". Very quickly I was offered the position of CHEF (in pairs). We are fortunate to have bosses who trust us completely, which allows us to continue to progress.

Chef Ahmed
Chef Ahmed | Morocco

I was born in Fez, where I started my cooking training. Once I finished my studies I moved to Marrakech because there were many more professional opportunities. Over the years I have integrated different brigades within several establishments, to finally settle in "LA PALETTE" since the opening I had the confidence of my bosses who did not hesitate to position me as as "CHEF" (in pairs) with a colleague with whom I had already worked.

Chef Badr
Chef Badr | Morocco

Born in 1990 in Marrakech and himself the son of a chef, Badr has always been attracted to cuisine. After his moroccan studies Badr moves from an establishment to another in Marrakech and gets closer to his father, always talking about cuisine. But it's his encounter with a Chef, Olivier Capparros in 2006 that will open his mind about the importance of taste the harmony of colors in the dish. In 2011, Badr traveled to Dubai where he won the first prize of the best young talent chef. He establishes himself a couple of years before finally getting back to his roots in Marrakesh. He develops in consulting activity but will become the executive chef and partner of Baromètre Marrakech, running its kitchen operations, events and offsite catering. The company has other projects being developed around the food and beverage industry. Badr's passion for cuisine was born in Marrakech where he came back finally to blossom.

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